How to Install Piping Systems – My Maternity Photography

It can be difficult to comprehend how pipes are put in place or processed. If you’re not able to do the work yourself, hiring a contractor is an alternative. The problem is that contractors can be expensive to hire. The process of installing pipes under your sink can be the first step to learning you can handle these repairs.

First thing you’ll want to do is make certain you have the correct tools available. You’ll need a bit of PVC pipe, a marvel connector, a P-Trap kit, and an extension for the tailpiece. The P-Trap Kit comes with washers and nuts to help strengthen the joints as well as prevent leaks.

The PVC pipe should be inserted inside the drain line. This creates what’s known as a stub out. It is the next step to attach the connector with the marvel to the stub-out. Be sure that the side with the twist faces towards your face when you are attaching it so that the P Trap can be attached.

The video attached provides further details about the installation of piping systems.


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