Behind the Scenes at Los Angeles Shakespeare in the Park How to Stage a Classical Play Outdoors – 1776 The Musical

If you’re up for a challenge, some production companies even organize plays inside the forests to give audiences an experience. Los Angeles Shakespeare In The Park isn’t as expansive however the concept of an outdoor play taking place in trees will get your imagination going.

Set Up Your Lighting

Lighting for stage is an essential aspect of any theatre experience. This is the case when you are performing outdoors. The stage will shine when it is illuminated with the right lighting. Lighting can be utilized to assist children as they navigate the area of play, similar like the lighting of trees. The lighting needs to be good for outdoor play that occurs during the evenings, and into the nights. The lighting will guarantee safety and minimize incidents. Los Angeles Shakespeare In The Park makes use of the park lighting as much as is possible, and also utilizes intelligent lighting.

If you want outdoor shows to be success, it’s crucial you use high-quality lighting. The worst thing that can happen is that faulty wiring can cause an important stage light to be turned off during a moving scene. The lighting you choose impacts your structure, and allows it to surpass the standard of other performances outdoors. Make sure you have the proper people and equipment is an decision you’ll never regret. You don’t want lighting to become a distraction throughout your operation. It’s also how you’ll determine if the lighting is working.

Make Sure Everything Is Waterproof

As opening night inches closer and closer, anticipation is fueling the choices of the moment. With the intensity of rehearsals increasing and decorators begin making more effort to design an impressive set. To ensure safety making sure that the components that you construct are watertight is vital. A water leak can destroy delicate artworks and covers on the stage, but it is not something you want. Be wary of water damage, specifically by using electrical tools.


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