Marketing Mistakes Roofing Contractors Must Avoid – Awkward Family Photos

Your brand stands out from your peers. While your instinctual reaction is to select the initials of your family members, or even your own name, as an advertising name, professionals may suggest that you look at the name in a different way for your company.

Roofing contractors can sometimes do siding or other work for clients, and may make use of “exteriors” in their company name. If you are looking to take on additional roofing-related projects it’s best to use the term “roofing” rather than “exteriors”. Naturally, this will be contingent on the type of tasks you’d like the business to handle.

Another common error in marketing is selling more than one product. It is possible to become an expert on one particular product , and then grow in the years. Be sure to go for depth not breadth, initially.

Not taking into consideration online reviews is a second error when choosing a contractor. Many customers search for on the internet before making a decision. This isn’t even the fact that negative review will make you appear unimportant by potential clients. Insufficient reviews, whether good or not can turn off potential customers.

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