How Ketamine Can Treat Depression – News Articles About Health

It was legalized due to of its psychedelic effect. The way in which the treatment is by infusion over up to 40 minutes. Patients experiencing effects within the initial few minutes. The medication assists patients in examining and establish new neural connections. The result is that people report feeling better following the treatment. Introspection can help patients find forgiveness and love. Ketamine’s properties also help form positive, new ideas that can replace old thoughts.

2 infusions every week are recommended by ketamine experts for best results. This should be done over a period of three weeks. It is interesting to note that ketamine shows its effectiveness after a short period of. Most patients experience a change in symptoms within the first two treatment. Patients who have exhausted all possible treatments and therapies might discover that this drug is an alternative. Ketamine is proven to be efficient in the therapy of depression. Additionally, it can treat bipolar disorder and PTSD. The effects of ketamine therapy tend to be clearer.


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