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Short-term issues could lead to long-term health issues. The risk of long-term water contamination for wells includes:

Kidney disease, cancer

Contaminated water could cause severe health problems. It is crucial for well homeowners to take measures to minimize the contamination threat. They should be doing regular test of water, setting up a well water filter, and disinfecting well water if the water is infected.

Contaminated well water is not only a problem for adults however, it can also affect children and infants. Infants and children are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of water that has been contaminated. As their immune system is still not fully developed, this is a reason why they are particularly susceptible.

In addition, many homeowners depend on the shallow well pump systems. The well pumps are usually placed near to the contamination source. This means that there is more risk of contaminants if the systems are not properly maintained. In order to ensure that these systems are properly maintained you should seek the help of plumbers and well water treatment specialists.

What Should I Do If I’m Sick From Contaminated Well What should I do if I’m sick from contaminated well water?

If you are concerned that you could have contracted illness from contamination of well water, it’s important to visit a doctor now. Inform your physician about your possible exposure to potentially contaminated water.

A doctor is likely to need to conduct tests to determine if you’re suffering from contaminants in the water. This might involve a stool test or blood test. If your physician confirms the well is infected, they may prescribe antibiotics.

Water contamination in wells can be quite serious in some instances. If you are concerned about your well water then it is recommended to speak with an expert in water treatment. The experts can analyze the well’s water quality and recommend


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