How Much Does a First Floor Renovation Cost? – Melrose Painting

The first step is to figure out the cost. The Youtube video “How Much Does Home Renovation Cost – Home Remodel Cost Saving Tips” will explain what your budget is in detail! Find out more!

The first floor renovations should consider the exterior of the house. If you’ve seen overgrown bushes and/or trees in your yard, you might need to consider cutting them, or hiring a gardener. Renovating your backyard and front gives a brand new look of freshness to your property. The final cost of all this work costs around $1,500. The video depicts an older house with a 100 year old structure The exterior siding required repair, which cost about $3,000. Painting the exterior of the house that is 100 years old could cost as much as $6500, especially if the house has extravagant decorations.

While you are renovating, adding new drywall in order to restore certain parts could cost you $7,500. This is especially true in the case of old wallpaper and plaster on the walls. The remodel saved cash on crown moldings and trimming, however some had to be replaced, which estimated at around $3,000. The rest of the video for more details about first-floor renovations and how much they will cost. Get in touch with us right now to get started on your next home remodeling project!


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