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Inform vehicles coming up on the scene of the collision by putting emergency reflective triangles, flares or cones, at least a couple of feet away from the scene of the collision. Contact 911 right away and notify the person in charge of any injury that may have occurred.

Get the necessary information

You should share details about the incident as well as your personal details with the other people. Everyone in the vehicle, including passengers and drivers should trade their names, addresses, as well as phone numbers. Other bits of information you’ll need include plate and license numbers. Every driver involved in the vehicle should freely give out their insurer’s details. The information you gather should include the year that the vehicle was built along with the model, year, and make.

I was in a parking lot, but I had a car crash into my vehicle, what do I do? It can be very frustrating parking your car only to then return to discover that there is a mark. Be careful not to panic because worry and anxiety won’t aid in resolving the issue. You might get lucky and the person who struck your car may have the kindness to leave a message.

Get in touch with the driver immediately if the driver leaves a note. The driver should provide a detailed explanation of the incident as well as provide all relevant information such as the insurance company names, registration numbers and so on. Negotiating may be helpful if the driver of the vehicle probably waits for you to show up. If you are not able to resolve the issue, call the police in case they do not take action.

Record the Damage


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