Is Compression Wear Beneficial? – How To Run

Many people love compression garments, however, others state that they suffered from muscle cramps or even no benefit. In this video, you’ll know more about compression garments.

Studies surrounding compression wear have found mixed results. Studies have confirmed that compression wear can benefit the wearer. However, other studies have shown that wear of compression does not make a difference. The idea for compression is to put stress on certain regions of the body to encourage blood flow back to the heart. The blood there can be processed faster. If that is the case your body will be more resistant to injury. Additionally, compression garments can be beneficial as it prevents injury-causing motions. Compression wear also absorbs the force generated by running across concrete. Even if these benefits are very minimal, many like wearing compression garments. The physical benefits may suffice to justify wearing compressive clothing at times. These physical benefits are still to be verified.


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