The Many Benefits of Cabinet Refacing – Family Magazine

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Imagine cabinet refacing in the form of the kitchen’s cabinet refinishing. Instead of spending more money for a complete replacement of your existing cabinets, try reaching an expert cabinet refacing company that will assist you in transforming your cabinets to create a new look. How does the process for refacing your kitchen cabinet operate? All drawer doors, fronts and trims are removed and only the cabinet remains. The cabinets are covered with similar laminates that match the front of the drawer and door produced by the manufacturers of kitchen cabinets.

Are you aware that kitchen cabinets account roughly 40-50 percent of the kitchen remodel costs? Most people aren’t aware of remodeling their cabinetry and end having to spend thousands on new cabinets. The old cabinet hardware will appear like new after a facelift. Research thoroughly before you employ a firm to create kitchen cabinets. You want to choose a company that has a established reputation and is well-established.


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