The Best Concrete Contracting Tips – E-Library

ts. The concrete properties mix is dependent on the combination of components. Concrete mixes consist mainly consisting of concrete mixtures, cement, aggregates and water.

Let’s take a look at the rules and regulations of concrete.


1. Employ a certified and experienced concrete contractor.
2. Ensure the general contractor hires highly skilled and experienced laborers.
3. Ensure a skilled supervision is in place during concreting.
4. Always wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment prior to casting concrete.
5. Prior to beginning the concrete installation, be sure to have sufficient manpower and tools are readily available.
6. In the selection of cement, you must think about the work you want to do.
7. Pour concrete only when weather is favorable.
8. A mix that is suitable for the application must be used for the specific application.
9. Choose the proper concrete mix
10. Only add water according to the predetermined quality


1. Avoid using damaged formswork.
2. Don’t use aggregates that aren’t washed.
3. Don’t begin concreting before casting a concrete cube.
4. Beware of batching in large quantities.
5. Avoid high concrete slumps or excessive air content and excessive fines.
6. Do not run the concrete mixer for more than 2 minutes.
7. For ease of installation Do not add water.
8. When pouring concrete, avoid semi-dry concrete.
9. Concrete shouldn’t be dropped off high places.
10. Beware of to pile on.

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