What is a Physiatrist? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

Kind that you think of? An general doctor, psychiatrist, dermatologist or optometrist could be the ones you think of. Each doctor is specialized in their subject matter of their expertise regardless of whether they’re treating a specific age group or an individual part that is part of their body. Physicians are no different. This video will provide information on the requirements to become doctor and the reason why it is important to have plenty of knowledge and training prior to applying for job opportunities for physiatrists.

A physiatrist is an expert in treating muscles and skeletal pain. Doctors may suggest a physiatrist if you are feeling pain for longer than two weeks. They not only examine and diagnose you with physical problems, but they also help you to heal your body through the problems you’re suffering from. Body pain is what specialists in physiatrists focus on and endeavor to reduce this. Additionally, physiatrists have lose the connection to orthopedic surgeons physical therapy centers, spine surgeons and every other medical caregiver that patients may have to visit. While they’re often mistaken with psychiatrists, physiatrists perform an entirely distinct, yet equally important, job.


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