The Different Types of Power Connectors – Code Android

f designs, beginning with a C5 power line to a 1-15 connector. This video provides a brief explanation of some of the more common IEC and NEMA power connectors.

IEC connectors fall under 2 categories: outlets or outlets, in contrast to jacks and plugs. IEC connectors are divided into various categories by numbers. Odd numbers signify outlets while even ones indicate inlets.

In this case, a C5 outlet has a C6 inlet. Connectors like these can be found on laptops and desktops along with portable projectors. C7 and C8 are found on battery chargers, video game consoles, and audiovisual equipment. C13 and C14 are on desktop computers and monitors and printers.

NEMA connectors are yet another kind of power connector that is commonly used. They are among the most well-known. These outlets are common in older houses that still have an existing grounded electric system. Connectors 5-15P or 5-15R have third prongs that connect to grounded electrical systems. They also have 5-20 power connectors which have a sideways prong. They are capable of handling larger amps.

There are a variety of types of power connectors. Click the link to learn more about.


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