Myths about the Dentist – Entertainment News Today

It is commonplace in our culture to that surrounds dentists and our teeth. Certain myths may be surprising to you. The video below will demonstrate the ways a dentist dispels a lot of the falsehoods.

There is a common misconception that sugar can cause cavities. Sugar does not directly cause cavities. It provides food to the bacteria that in turn produce the acid that causes cavities. Next, electric toothbrushes can be more effective than normal toothbrushes. In reality, all that is important is removing plaque. Healthy teeth are healthy however, that’s another common misconception. It isn’t always the case, the reason for this is partly genetic. Another notion is that stronger brushing makes your teeth more healthy. It’s possible to harm the enamel of your teeth when you brush too hard. Many would suggest charcoal toothpaste as a superior solution for teeth whitening. In reality, it’s the opposite. Another misconception is that you need to get wisdom teeth extracted. They are not necessary for all. There are some who suggest brushing your teeth promptly after you eat. This is a good idea. this, but it is crucial to wait for thirty minutes before you brush your teeth. Your mouth is more acidic when you’ve eaten.


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