Tips for Installing Your Tesla Outlet – Auto Trader California

If you have tesla devices they are an unavoidable commitment. You should install a home charging system that matches with your device’s rating in electrical like, for instance, an NEMA 14-30 extension cord is suitable for 300V at 30A. It’s easy to set up a Tesla outlet by yourself as long as you’ve got all the tools and skills needed.

It will require a volt fuse, wires and wire stripsper. After you’ve purchased the tools, prepare the location in the wall on which the outlet will be installed. To avoid electrocution, make sure to switch off electricity while you install the outlet.

When you attach your outlet box, insert sufficient wire into it in order to make sure that the outlet is properly attached. Then, you can cut the wires according to length before stripping them to the gauge and attaching them to the outlet. Make sure that the connection is secured into the outlet box and secure the wire onto the stud for greater safety. Be sure to add your volt breaker in line with your outlet.

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