How Electricians Spend Their Work Day – Reference

Masters or those who operate their own company and attain master status (such as electricians) can be very busy. These are the three most crucial jobs electricians carry out every day.
Book Jobs

Electricians are sought after for anything from emergency assistance to room or home wiring. An electrician’s time is spent on answering the phones and scheduling appointments. In the video below you’ll see this electrician is booking jobs for the next two months advance! He makes it known that he’s available for emergencies however, this service is for a charge.

Service calls

In order to best serve customers, the electrician featured in the video wakes at 4:30 am in order to set up for the day . He then begins calling. In the rest of his time, he is filled with appointments which range from replacing light fixtures, to installing surge protection. An electrician could only focus for a specific job in the event that there is a room or a house that must be wired.

Customer Connection

The electrician discusses all the diverse platforms he can use to communicate with his clients. This is one of the most important aspects of starting a business.


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