Installing a New AC Unit – Small Business Tips

If you are planning to perform the AC installation, view this instructional video to learn about the preparation tasks that is required. However, Air conditioning installation should always be handled by a licensed expert.

A central air conditioner relies on ducting and registers (openings) to carry cooling air across your property. Essentially, the system pulls air from the outside, chills it and then distributes it through the home through the air ductwork. The refrigerant inside your existing conditioning unit must be eliminated before it is possible to install a new unit. In accordance with EPA requirements, it’s illegal to let this refrigerant in the air. Before work in the service disconnect can be completed the circuit breaker should be turned off by the panel for electrical power. When all of the connections are removed safely in the service disconnect, the old air conditioner can be taken away. The new air conditioners have bigger footprints and are higher than those prior to them. Also, at times the ground has subsided. The ground must be niveled prior to the pad being able to be put in place. e4c2cbizda.

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