A Simple New Homeowner Checklist – GLAMOUR HOME

New homeowner checklist What time? This way, you can be able to inform family members about those unwanted guests via phone or text message instead of taking the risk of them entering your home.

Make sure you secure the windows and doors when you leave the house, or when going to sleep. You should secure any small opening that one can see from outsideto ensure that nobody is able to gain access to the bedroom. Otherwise, thieves can get in through air vents or open windows for the fresh air or to light.

Keep valuables away from easy to see

That includes the tops of the tabletops and desk drawers. It is best to place them beneath them to avoid thieves finding them a great location to hide. Additionally, don’t place crucial documents like passports and birth certificates within the same drawer along with items for cleaning the house or expired medications. This will provide an easy attack for potential thieves and increase the likelihood for them to steal the documents immediately. Consider using a drawer with daily compartments that are separate if you are determined to create a secure deposit container. In this way, there’ll never be any chance of thieves knowing which data for the day will be kept in there.

Find properties with a history of reuse.

Check the surrounding area for signs that a former owner is selling their property. The seller should provide a crime rate if you want to buy a property in a neighborhood with an extremely high rate of crime.

Do not accept any form of document that’s not legally binding, unless it’s written. The seller must also be able to provide any required documents. It’s illegal for a seller to complete an order without the proper paperwork and signatures on all forms. In the event of this happening and you are unable to complete your sale, but will need to pay a losing deposit and legal fees.

Before purchasing any property contact all possible utilities and utility companies who serve the property you want to purchase. Before you purchase t, it is important to check with these utilities.


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